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We accept minerals that are economically valuable, which are formed by internal and external natural factors in the earth’s crust, as mines.

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Sand, gravel and gravel are non-organic materials, which are also called aggregates in the construction industry, divided into certain grain classes and divided into crushed and natural.

These materials are used extensively in the production of concrete, lightweight concrete, road filling and coating, and construction plaster.

Types of sand used in construction manufacturing:

Fine sand and coarse sand are selected and used in concrete production.

After the wall, it is first plastered with coarse sand for rough plaster, and then fine plaster is applied with 02 mm fine sand mixture mortar to obtain a smooth surface, and the polishing process is terminated for a smooth surface.

Screed sand is used for ground level regulation.

03 mm or 05 mm wall sands are preferred for building walls.


Gravel No. 1 is between 5mm – 14mm.

No. 2 Stone chips are between 14mm – 22mm. It can also be used as a drainage material other than concrete. It is especially used in the tennis courts and basketball courts of the villas.

Stabilized material is used as road, parking lot and filling material. It is classified as Mixed Aggregate (Aggregate, Crushed Stone, Gravel). It is a sub-base material with 45% mixed material properties of 0-8 mm, 30% of 8-16mm, 15% of 16-22mm, and 10% of 22-38mm.

Stone Powder material is between 0-5-mm. It is used in works that require compression and flexibility. It is used in pipe laying, paving stone laying, natural gas line, sewerage, telecom works.

Ballast material size is between 0-200 mm and is used in all kinds of bridges, roads, constructions, villa foundations.

Plaster Sand

It is fine sand and coarse sand used in construction. It is specially produced in cases such as cracking, spilling and dispersion of the plaster. It can be applied to surfaces easily thanks to its natural adhesive feature, wind, rain, moisture resistance.

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