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Çankaya Mine Quarry

Together with Envitec environmental technologies AŞ, iskenderun gulf erzin Dörtyol payas iskenderun contributes to the Turkish economy with a green project as a solid waste collection, disposal, electricity generation facility from methane gas. As ist mining, the city’s need for stone is met with the material that comes out of the landfills, and the landfills are covered with the remaining by-pass material, preventing marine wastes. In addition, electricity is produced with the methane gas coming from the garbage. Due to its central location and material quality, it is the only mine in the Iskenderun region with an annual production capacity of 2 million tons.

Our Quarries

Yarikkaya Mine Quarry

It is one of the most productive mines with black sand specially branded for the HATAY region, which is called special istaş sand, operating as a crushing and screening facility at the northern entrance of İskenderun, and its proximity to the port of Limak makes its location very special. Its annual production capacity is 1 million tons.

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Stone crushing and screening machines that turn large stones and rocks into small pieces are called crushers.

Loader Bucket

The loader consists of a tractor and a bucket for loading at the front. The bucket part is moved by hydraulic systems.

Rock Drill

Rock drill is used in the construction industry to mean rock drilling or rock drilling.


Excavator is a construction machine used in earthworks.


Lowbed transportation is a service provided by transportation companies engaged in heavy cargo transportation.

Dump Truck

A dump truck is a truck used for transporting loose materials for construction.

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IST Mining Inc. It has been operating in the Ready-Mixed Concrete, Construction and Mining sector in the Iskenderun region since 2010.

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To be permanent in the international platform with an environmentally friendly global business by keeping the success and prestige in Turkey, human and nature at the forefront.

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To be a solution partner by providing the cheapest and best quality service to our customers in line with our Blue Green identity.

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